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On Saturday, I attended a diaper party for my good friend, Tiffany.  She is due with her second child (it’s a girl!) in a couple short weeks.  I started this post originally to just post a picture of the cupcakes I made for the party, but decided to post a couple of other pictures from the party. I was shooting inside (which I normally don’t) and was using my external flash (which I have only used twice before and still not all that familiar with it). Wasn’t that happy with the pictures overall….but have learned from my mistakes and moving on.

I am getting distracted here. Back to the most important part of this post. The cupcakes. Oh yes, these cupcakes are a little piece of heaven. Lemon cream cupcakes with a lemon cream cheese frosting. All from scratch. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I made cupcakes from a box. I love to bake and enjoy any opportunity to make bake goods. Baking, decorating, you name it. I may have eaten some for lunch yesterday that were left over.  I had so many that I left some with the hostess before I left the party too. She left me a message on Facebook letting me know that she was eating them for breakfast this morning. They are really that delicious! If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. I modified it a little bit, but it’s easy to follow. The gum paste plumeria flowers on top I made as well. These are simple to make and anyone can whip them up in a couple minutes. Too bad these pictures are not scratch-n-sniff!

Tiffany’s Diaper Party

April 2, 2012

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