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This morning I had the pleasure of filling in for another local photog-friend (Michelle of Michelle Mancuso Photography) to photograph the USS Oscar Austin’s homecoming. Dorothy and I had been e-mailing back and forth a few weeks prior to today. I was not surprised that she was just as sweet a person in real life, as she was over e-mail. This was the Hoods’ first homecoming. It was freezing….and when I say freezing, I mean so cold that your hands couldn’t tell if the hand warmers in your coat pocket were working anymore or not! I have been to a few homecomings, but for some reason this morning’s seemed chaotic. Maybe it was the cold, I don’t know. We attempted to stand out on the pier but it was just too cold for their little one, so back to the tent we went. As soon as we got in there Dorothy’s husband called and said he was on his way to the tent. AH! As soon as we walked out of the tent, he was running up to her. Roses and chocolates in hand, so cute! For me, the most memorable moment about this was that we were 5 feet away from the porta-potty. Soooo romantic! 🙂 After a few minutes, they realized where they were too and started to laugh. We tried to take some more photos by the ship, but it was just so cold. Since they lived nearby, we drove to their home for a few pictures. It worked out great! As we were finishing up, Brandon and I were discussing where I am originally from (Michigan). He mentioned he was introduced to Vernors from someone from the mitten state and he liked it! Heck yeah! I am still trying to convert my husband from Cananda Dry to Vernors….not an easy task. If you haven’t had Vernors….you must give it a try.

Welcome home to the men and women of the USS Oscar Austin! And a huge thank you, Hood Family, for letting me be a part of your reunion after 7 long months apart! They really are one of the sweetest family’s I have met in a long time.

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February 17, 2013

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