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Today marks a special day, for two reasons. First, it is my 4-year wedding anniversary! Can not believe how fast the past few years have gone. What is really crazy is how much has changed with the wedding industry since I was planning my own wedding. Brides today don’t know what it was like planning a wedding without Pinterest. That’s right. It was good old Google searches and browsing the few wedding blogs that were out there. It was hard for me to make decisions then, I can only imagine what it is like when you have so much information at your pinning fingertips!

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{Our Engagement Story – 2010 | Photos by Lara Rios Photography }

I got lucky when Drew walked into my life. They say when you are not looking you will find the one. That is exactly how our love story started. And speaking of our story, a new chapter is starting for us. Drum roll please….the Streets are adopting! I know what all you cat mama’s are thinking, another fur-baby?!? I wish, Drew cut me off at two. It is a real human this time. For those who know Drew and I, you know we are not ones to spread all of the details of our life on social media. This post is much more personal that anything I have published before.


{Our Wedding Story – 2011 | Photos by Lara Rios Photography }

We have been trying for a baby for almost our entire marriage with no success naturally. Those of you who have been there understand how disheartening it can be, month after month, year after year. You get married and are so excited to start a family. Sometimes it isn’t that easy. I would never wish these emotional struggles on anyone. Until you go through it, it is difficult to grasp. After some long conversations, we have decided that adoption was the right next step for us and we could not be more excited! It is a very long and very expensive process but we are determined. If you want to read a little more about our story, you can do so here: . I will be using that link to give updates over the next couple of years on the progress.

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{The Start Of Our New Chapter – 2014 | Photo by Beth Hamilton Photography }

Drew and I can not wait to start this next chapter in our love story. We are so incredibly grateful for the love and emotional support we have already received from family and friends. Happy Anniversary, Drew! Love you more than words.

xoxo, Sarah


A love Story + A New Chapter | Personal

April 8, 2015

  1. Candi says:

    I AM so excited for you guys! This is indeed a new chapter in your life, and I am eager to keep up with it. <3

  2. Sarah!!! I’m soooo excited for you! I had no idea of your struggles, and I’m so sorry. We struggled with infertility for about 11 years before Cody was placed with us, and then we finalized his adoption 4 years later. Great things come to those who wait. 🙂 I know you will be amazing parents! Many blessings. xxoo

  3. Beth Hamilton says:

    I know it’s tough to share such personal things so publicly. Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty. I just know you and Drew will be great parents! Whoever that child ends up being is going to be SO loved! What an amazing gift, both to be given a nurturing home to grow up in and a loving family and also to be given a child to love. I’m so sorry for your struggles but I know God has a plan for your family 🙂 Love you friend!

  4. Kristine DeCillis says:

    I am so incredibly ecstatic for you two & so happy!!!!
    You two are such loving & genuinely caring people I know your future child will be unbelievably loved. You are meant to be parents & you will be the perfect family + two fur babies 😉
    I’m so happy for you two & can’t wait to follow your inspiring story!
    Congratulations on your first step to making your dreams come true!

  5. Tianna says:

    Sarah it was so beautiful to read some of you and Drew’s heart. I will be praying for you guys in this beautiful and yet tough journey you are about to begin. Thank you for being so vulnerable and letting us into your lives! P.S. THAT WEDDING DRESS GIRL! GORGEOUS!

  6. Brittany Hajek says:

    Your journey has been beautiful to watch as today marks your anniversary. Wishing you many more years of joy and love. We are so happy for you two. God has great plans for you and I know he will guide you in your journey to adopt. Hugs and Love!
    – Britt and Larry

  7. Kelley and Karl says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, it was so heartfelt and inspiring. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Sending love and looking forward to following your story. ..

  8. Lisa Villella says:

    Congrats on your anniversary and best wishes for a successful addition to your family! My parents adopted a little girl from China almost 12 years ago. She has grown into a beautiful woman and we couldn’t imagine life without her! I hope the same for you and your husband!

  9. Jessica says:

    So happy for you both! I have sevetal friends that have had a similar struggle and have amazing families of adopted little ones. I am so excited to see gow this next chapter plays out. This little one will be lucky indeed to be in your family!

  10. Shawna says:

    It was so courageous of you to share your story! Any child would be lucky to have you and Drew as parents! I wish you the absolute best of luck through the process and hope you will provide updates on your adoption adventure! Lots of love and support, Shawna

  11. Justine & Dave says:

    We couldn’t be more happy for you guys! All the best wishes moving forward with your adoption plan’s. You will be giving an amazing gift to a child and they to you in return God bless you guys! xoxox

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