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A new year and a new outlook. As 2015 turned over to 2016 I sat down and thought about what my goals were for this new year, both personally and professionally. Last year my husband was on deployment for 7 months. I am looking forward to having him around this year and our journey to adoption getting closer. On the professional side of things, I am looking forward to a few projects I have lined up. One project in particular that I hope will take my business to another level. I can’t share that just yet but I am bursting at the seems to do so!

As I wrote down my thoughts for 2016 I found the words ‘give back’ on the list. At first I didn’t know what that meant, but it was something I felt the need to put on paper. I knew I wanted to give back professionally. When I was first starting out….well, lets back up. I was a girl with a camera at that point. A photographer in South Florida, Becca { <– check it out, she is amazing }, I was acquaintances with asked me what kind of photography I wanted to pursue. When she asked me that question, I didn’t have an answer. I felt I needed to experience the specialties that photography offered before I knew. Becca extended me an invitation to come along with her to a wedding. When she was starting out she said she could not find anyone who would allow her to tag along and she wanted to pay it forward. Her kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. I am not sure if I would’ve gotten into wedding photography if she had not invited me to join her. Even though I was super nervous and didn’t know what I was doing (or how involved and stressful photographing a wedding can be), I remember how much I loved being there.

When I was planning my own wedding, I was on a budget. Every bride knows what I am talking about. There were times I found a vendor or something I really wanted to incorporate into the wedding, but it was out of my price range. Wedding photos are one of the only things you have left, after your wedding day. Those photographs and albums are the things you pull out to show friends and that you pass down to future generations. They are heirlooms. Your wedding day is something you can not rewind. I hear, repeatedly, from married women, how they wish they had spent more on their wedding photographs or how they wished they had more in the budget to hire someone professional.

Becca’s story, and mine, have inspired me to “give back”. And what better way to do that, than to give away a wedding photography package! You read that right. Go back and re-read it. I promise you, that is what I stated! One lucky couple will have their wedding day photography covered, paid in full! Now for all the details and how you can win this once-in-a-lifetime collection…


What you will receive:

~ Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage with one photographer (me).

~ 1 hour engagement session

~ High-resolution, edited images placed on a downloadable online gallery for both engagement and wedding day galleries.

How to enter:

~ Email me at and include:

~ Your first and last names (bride & groom)

~ Your wedding date

~ The locations of your ceremony and reception (open to all of the USA!)

~ A photo of the two of you together

~ Your personal love story { how you met, the engagement, what you two like to do together } and why you would love to win this giveaway.

~ Any details about your wedding you have planned.

Other important details you may need to know before entering:

~Only new clients who are not under contract with Sarah Street Photography are eligible.

~Wedding must take place in 2016 or 2017.

~Unavailable dates: 5/2016, 6/2016, 8/20/16

~Any wedding and engagement located outside 100 miles from zip 23320 may be required to pay travel and accommodation expenses.

~A contract must be signed and returned within two weeks of winning, along with any applicable travel expenses.

When + how will the winner be chosen?:

Entries will be accepted until January 25, 2016. The winning couple will be selected based on their story and reason for their entry. So be thoughtful, honest and creative! Can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Cheers! -Sarah


Wedding Photography Giveaway

January 8, 2016