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What is your brand saying about you and the clients you are attracting? Are they your ideal client? During our time together we will review your current branding plan or put a new one together that you can take home to implement. We will talk about how to make your look cohesive across all aspects of your business. This is also a great opportunity to review your website and social media presence.

branding and target marketing

You've got your business license in order and you just don't know where to start with pricing. Maybe you have a current pricing structure but it isn't profitable for you or your clients keep asking to add or remove items. We will talk about the vision for your business and look at your pricing with a fine-tooth comb. Everyone wants to be profitable.


You know how to use your equipment, you're the master of manual mode and you are ready to make this more than a hobby. Not sure where to start? This is the topic for you. We will discuss licensure, the different types of business entities, taxes and the legal way to be.

Business 101

This topic is for the newbie to the DSLR world. We will discuss the basics of your camera, learn what aperture and shutter speed mean, what different lenses do and how those settings can affect your images. We will put the classroom part of it into practice and give you assignments to perfect your pictures. Whether you just want to take better photos of your kids or elevate your vacation images, this topic will give you the tools to take away and practice with.

camera basics


Contracts and communication

You received an inquiry and now what? During our time we will discuss the most effective way to communicate with clients through initial email inquiry, phone calls and in person meetings. Once they are ready to book we will go through the booking process and what tools you will need. Having trouble staying organized? We will discuss different methods to keep your client information and correspondence easy to keep track of, no matter your budget.

This topic will be hands-on. You, me and a couple to model for you. Working with every client will be a different experience. We will work through various posing techniques for all body types and how to get the most out of each position. This will also be a great opportunity to discuss lighting and positioning your clients within the frame. It is important to know how to give direction to your clients and make them feel comfortable. Proper posing can be the key to flattering photos. 

posing your clients

There is an art behind styling those wedding details. Every wedding will present you with a different set of items to use and a wide array of settings to shoot them in. We will go over different tools you can take with you or use in the room to add interest and elevate your client's wedding day details. Lets explore how to refine your styling to perfection together. 


Struggling with your editing and being consistent with it? Can't quite get those skin tones to look natural? This topic is for you! We will dive into your RAW images and take a hard look at where you started, where you are now and where you want to be. Your time in the field taking the photos can impact how you edit. In Lightroom, we will talk about the tools in front of you and how to best use them to achieve a consistent look. 


This topic is specific to budding wedding photographers and packed full of information. A real in depth look at what to expect on the wedding day and the days leading up to and after. We will talk about how to prepare for the wedding day with your client, what information you might need and the details of the day. So many different scenarios can arise on a wedding day and you want to be prepared for whatever comes at you. You will also be given the opportunity to shadow me at a wedding and ask questions throughout the day.

wedding day walk through

wedding day
walk through

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