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I first met Kristine when she came over for coffee. Like me, she was a photography newbie. You can check out her work here. That was 2.5+ years ago now. Since that first meeting we have gotten to know each other over additional coffee dates, wine dates, dinner dates, photography dates, and some fun shopping […]

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Yorktown, Virginia | Maternity Photography | Kristine + Kevin

August 14, 2015

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I feel so honored to have Kristen + Matt in front of my lens for third time! First was engagement, then wedding last year and now they are expecting! I am so, so thrilled for them. They are such a sweet and caring couple and they are going to be stellar parents. We headed to […]

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Kristen + Matt | Maternity | Virginia Beach

August 10, 2015

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Even though weddings and engagements are my primary focus, I do enjoy photographing maternity sessions, homecomings, ‘just because’ sessions and other portraiture throughout the year.  This past year I had the pleasure of traveling quite a bit. Miami and Las Vegas were just two of the several locations. I really enjoy traveling. It reenergizes my creativity! […]

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Portraits of 2014 | Sarah Street Photography | Virginia Photographer

December 29, 2014

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I always enjoy working with military couples, especially with those in the same branch as my husband. This is how Amber and Luke met, through work! These two were so great to work with. It was pretty chilly out and even though Amber was a little cold, they braved the cold weather without coats. They decided […]

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Amber + Luke | Windsor Castle Park | Smithfield, Virginia | Maternity Photographer

December 8, 2014

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Some of you may know by following me on Instagram, that I am down in Florida this week visiting friends. I lived in South Florida for 6 years after college before moving to Virginia and in a way I was coming back to one of my “homes”. Yesterday, I met up with Ally. We met […]

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Ally | Portraits | South Pointe Park | Miami Beach

April 13, 2014