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April 13, 2014

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Some of you may know by following me on Instagram, that I am down in Florida this week visiting friends. I lived in South Florida for 6 years after college before moving to Virginia and in a way I was coming back to one of my “homes”. Yesterday, I met up with Ally. We met while I was living in South Florida. Our husband’s were stationed together and she is a part of my Coastie family. Ally and her hubby were originally suppose to meet up with me for a couples session. Well, in typical military fashion, work called him away. Ally is an inspiring photographer so I asked if she still wanted to meet up still for dinner and then some fun shooting time. It isn’t everyday I get to shoot down here and I was itching to get out. It was an absolutely beautiful evening. A bit windy, but some very pretty light. Ally had not been to South Pointe Park yet in Miami Beach and thought it was the perfect place for our photography fun. The park is modern in design and very “Miami”…I love it. ¬†Also, bonus, who wouldn’t love a park that has several cats that live along the the rocks!? Major cat person excitement!

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